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QuickBooks Outlook is not responding Here's What You Can Do

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding? Here’s What You Can Do

QuickBooks provides email functionality to users using Outlook as the primary email client. Sometimes, while sending emails from QuickBooks to Outlook, users come across QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error. The error usually triggers when Outlook is not set up correctly to work with QuickBooks. Misconfigured settings of the Internet Explorer can also lead to email issues. It is important to resolve the error to continue sending emails from QuickBooks. The following sections of the blog will brief you on causes and quick solutions to resolve the error, so stay connected until the end.

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What are the causes behind Outlook QuickBooks error?

 Following are some major reasons that lead to Outlook issue while sending the email:

1. Email configuration file MAPI32.dll is damaged and corrupted.

2. The default email settings on the computer are incorrect.

3. Faulty or incorrect installation of QuickBooks.

4. Background processes running on the computer are creating issues while sending the email.

 Solutions to Deal with QuickBooks Email Outlook is not responding error

 Solution 1. Use QuickBooks and Outlook as an administrator

1. Quit the QuickBooks Desktop application and click the Windows icon to open the Start menu.

2. Type QuickBooks in the Windows search field and locate its icon.

3. Right-click the icon, choose Open file location, and wait till the folder opens.

4. Look for the QuickBooks.exe file within the folder, right-click it and choose Properties.

5. Select the Compatibility tab, mark the Run this program as Administrator option, and click Apply.

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Solution 2. Set email preferences for QuickBooks

1. Start QuickBooks, go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2. Choose Send Forms, click the My Preferences tab and select the Send email using option.

3. Select OK, choose the Edit menu and click Preferences.

4. Select Send Forms, head to the My Preferences tab, and then select QuickBooks Email.

5. Next, click Edit, then Preferences, and then Outlook.

6. Exit QuickBooks and Outlook, then restart your Windows.

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 Solution 3. Change email preferences for Internet Explorer 

1. Quit the open QuickBooks company file and then the application.

2. Click the Gear icon, choose Internet Options and go to the Programs tab.

3. Choose the Set Default option and then click the Set your Default Program link.

4. Go to the left pane, choose Outlook and select the Set this Program as Default option.

5. Select OK to save the settings, close Internet Explorer and try sending an email using Outlook once again.

 Solution 4. Fix the damaged MAPI32.dll email configuration file

1. End all processes running on the workstation and open the Windows File Explorer.

2. Open the System32 folder in Windows and locate the Fixmapi.exe file.

3. Double-click the file. Once the tool repairs the file, open QuickBooks and try sending the email again.


If QuickBooks Outlook is not responding even after following the troubleshooting solutions discussed above, contact the certified QuickBooks pro advisors for advanced assistance by calling us on our toll-free number +1-855-856-0042.

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