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The 5 Best Free SEO Tools for Buildup Your Business

The following list of SEO tools is considered to be the finest due to its popularity among SEO Company in India and marketers and their ability to give data, analysis, and insight that your organization needs to expand.

The following are the top SEO tools that you should be utilizing:

  • Website Grader

Website Evaluation Tool HubSpot is the engine that powers this website. Examine the general health and performance of the site on both desktop and mobile. This free online SEO tool provided by HubSpot generates reports on critical site metrics, such as

Both search engines and your audience will value the quality and discoverability of your SEO.

  • Mobile-ready
  • Performance of the website
  • Site security is a critical measure that informs users that your site is secure.
  • To use the tool, simply enter a website URL and your email address. You’ll receive a report and a site score between 1 and 100 in seconds.

Why Did We Choose This Tool for Our List?

HubSpot’s Web Grader provides a high-level review of a site’s performance. SEOs can further dive down to identify areas for development and educate themselves on the best course of action for site optimization.

  • Google Search Console

It collects data on websites, such as traffic, links, and technical difficulties.

Utilize Google Search Console to view your site via Google’s eyes. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, GSC provides users with an overview of their site’s performance, including organic search traffic, link data, and issues affecting the site, to “make your site shine” in the search results.

Why Did We Choose This Tool for Our List?

Google Search Console is an excellent starting place for anybody monitoring a site’s performance, including content strategists, SEOs, and others. The Google tool is a cornerstone of search engine optimization and digital marketing.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Conduct a page speed study to ascertain the site’s performance.

This free application allows you to monitor the performance of your web pages on mobile and desktop devices. Due to the critical nature of page speed, its search visibility, and the user experience associated with its navigation, measuring this element is an integral part of any SEO and web developer’s practice.

Why Did We Choose This Tool for Our List?

PageSpeed Insights teaches SEOs and developers how to think about site performance and find the solution, suggesting typical tweaks to boost your site’s performance.

  • Google Analytics Tracks and analyses all site statistics and data.

Google Analytics is used by every digital marketer. It’s the crème de la crème of data for your website, from visits to traffic to conversions and so much more (but you probably already knew that!). If you haven’t already, create an account right now (seriously, stop reading and do this now).

Why Did We Choose This Tool for Our List?

This website analytics tool is a must-have for any marketer. According to SEO Company Indian The information and analytical capabilities can help you advance your SEO efforts and increase your ROI.

  • Google’s Keyword Tool

Conduct keyword research to assist in the development of a content marketing plan.

If it wasn’t obvious before, Google provides some of the greatest and most consistent free SEO keyword tools available to beginners and professionals alike. Google Keyword Planner is one of such tools, and it can be accessed under Tools in Google Ads.

Why Did We Choose This Tool for Our List?

If you’re just getting started, Google Keyword Planner is a wonderful tool for learning about your audience.

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