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The Dos and Don’ts of Home Office Packing and Moving

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Office Packing and Moving

Working from home is a common occurrence nowadays. And many of us have created a separate room for ourselves to take care of all of our professional responsibilities. This also means that while packing and moving to a new place, you now have to be extra careful about how you choose to approach the entire process. Most home offices contain heavy furniture, electronic items, and important documents.

Moving a Home Office

The key to any successful move is having a plan in place, and moving home offices is no different. You really don’t need to compromise your work schedule if you have created a list of things you need to do before the time to move with your home office comes. If you have no idea how to move, we will make sure that by the end of this article you know how to stay organized and productive during the entirety of your move.

As we discussed earlier, the best way to successfully move your office with you is to have a plan. You should start out by outlining your daily professional responsibilities and the day of house shifting and make a plan for everything that needs to be in that timeframe.

Start by:

Creating a timeline

Your professional responsibilities are not going anywhere as you will probably need to keep on working till the date of moving arrives. It is hence pretty important that you create a timeline to make sure what needs packing and when. This process can start by saving the maximum possible time of your work schedule. This means taking care of all your priority work responsibilities as soon as possible and moving on to your packing and moving project whenever you have time.

Communicate about your move to your professional superiors, so your work responsibilities can be assigned to you accordingly. This will help you out a lot as your professional responsibilities are going to be adjusted, and you will be able to make your move a lot more smoothly.

The next thing you might want to do is declutter your office. This step starts with you recognizing what is essential and what is not. Make sure that you prioritized the items that need to be with you first. And keep the packing of your office hardware which includes your computer and your printer to the last (as you might have to take care of your office responsibilities). Digitize all the documents which you consider to be very important and shred those which you no longer need.

Gather all your packing and moving supplies

After creating a timeline, you should start gathering your packing and moving supplies. Some of these items will already be present in your office while others will need to be arranged by you.

These include house shifting supplies such as boxes for your documents and computer-related hardware, packing paper, plastic bags, bubble sheets, markers, etc.


If you take a good look around your home office, you will find a lot of items that you don’t use anymore. But you have decided to keep just in case. These items include broken electronics and wires, duplicates of documents you might have kept as a backup, pens, markers that are no longer functional, etc.

Either donate them (after wiping your data off of it) or just get rid of them the old-fashioned way. Remember, moving houses is a good opportunity for you to start over fresh. What doesn’t need to be with you shouldn’t be with you during your move. Donate, recycle and throw away all the clutter that will complicate your new setup.

Digitize all the important documents

This is a brief one, but you should really consider digitizing all your important documents before you move, this includes all the irreplaceable and confidential items. This will not only make them pretty easy to find when you need them but also negate any risk of misplacing or losing them during the move.

Make a separate box for non-essentials

There might be backup electronic hardware or books that are not immediately of use to you. These get their own separate cardboard boxes. Remember that house shifting is a complicated process. By simplifying your move you will be able to save time and effort. Make sure that decorative items are not a part of it.

Another useful tip that most people are unaware of is that you should never pack books with their spines facing towards you. Have their spines facing on the side of the box.


We highly recommend that you take a photo of your electronics and how they were set up. This may sound like a weird way to begin. But remembering how all the wires and screens are set up can be a challenging task. If possible find all the original packaging you have for your electronics as you can and pack them as if they were just bought from the store. If you can’t find their original boxes, consider wrapping them in bubble wraps and sheets of paper. Also, find their respective manuals and pack them with these electronics, this is bound to make your life easier.


The home office you currently occupy may have a lot of furniture in it. This can make the process of shifting houses a lot more challenging than it needs to be. So here is what we recommend, either have professional packers and movers company take care of them or sell them on an online marketplace. Furniture is usually very cumbersome and requires a lot of effort to be set up in a new place.


Moving your home office can be a pretty stressful time if you don’t organize your move. The aforementioned steps are sure to make the office moving process a lot easier than it would be otherwise. You might have noticed that most of these steps are about simplifying your move rather than advanced tips on carrying your home office setup with you. Because we believe that simplicity is the best course of action a person can take while trying to DIY their house moves or office moves. We hope you found our article interesting and useful, take care of yourself, and have a wonderful day ahead of you.

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