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The Latest Developments and Trends in Hospitality

You would always witness the latest developments and trends in hospitality; all happening according to the demands of times. But the current trend in hospitality industry is not only due to customer preference but some of them are in relation to the new COVID-19 guidelines. The new trends in hospitality we will be discussing are based on the hospitality industry; current events in regards to the global pandemic and making traveling and staying in hotels safer. This includes finding suppliers such as D-ZEE Textile that offer a variety of hotel products such as pool towels, hotel towels, bedding, and more at the best wholesale rates; which allows you to cater fresh amenities to guests to reduce the physical usage contact.

There are many trends that have blown out to cater to the current pandemic situation; some of which have existed but have now taken the front seat in customer preferences. What are the latest developments and trends in hospitality? Let’s find out!

Payments at a Distance

Handing out cash and cards increases physical contact between the guests and hotel staff; no one wants to suffer from the illness; that is why, contactless payments have gained popularity.

Online mobile applications such as Google Play and Apple Play have taken the market by storm. Even how guests are swiping cards has changed the way people pay. Whether you’re carrying a wallet or not; it doesn’t really make a difference. The online payment methods keep guests and staff safe while allowing payments to be made without delay.

Online Check-in/ Checkout Trends in Hospitality

Nobody really has the energy to go through the processes by standing at the reception; plus, online checking in and out processes lower human contact also.

This current trend in hospitality is gaining popularity globally not only due to the pandemic; but also due to its convenience for guests and hotel staff alike. For guests it makes it easier for them to mark when they have arrived and when they are done with their stay. For the hotel staff, it cuts down on the paper work and let’s them focus on things that would add to the guest experience. These new trends in hospitality also allow hoteliers to upsell their rooms and services; and also create more selling opportunities.

Hospitality Industry Current Events Local Partnerships

There is just so much research a guest could have done before arriving; what you can offer them are not only guidelines to what is happening in the city but also sell tickets.

One of the latest developments and trends in hospitality making its way to the top is local businesses partnering with the hotels. This increases guest interest and the selling opportunity for the hotelier and the particular business. As someone in the middle of all the happenings it is easier for hospitality industry current events updates and partnering accordingly. This could mean you partner with different local attractions, museums, parks, restaurants; and even any concerts or related events happening in the city.

Ever Changing Current Trend in Hospitality Industry

You will always find new trends in hospitality globally; this is due to guest preferences, political and local conditions; and even global crises.

It is essential for everyone in the hospitality industry especially hotels to adapt to the changes; and remain on top of everything that is happening around them. Some of the trends that have become a norm is guest’s mind have been shared above. There are many trends that are taking over. So hurry up, you don’t want your guests to start making other arrangements!


What are the latest developments and trends in hospitality that you think make the most significant impact? Share your thoughts on the new trends in hospitality in the comments below!


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