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Time Management Skills for students

Forgetting an assignment can mean less sleep, more stress, and bad grades. It’s time to get your life back. This article is for you, and following the advice below will help you better manage your time to keep up with your requirements (aka Time Management Skills for students).

Get organized

As Thomas Edison once said: “Vision without execution is hallucination.” If you don’t take the time to plan what you’re going to do and how you will do it, the results won’t be there. It would help if you had a set schedule that lets you know exactly what needs to be done and when. The good idea is to write all deadlines, assignments, and study times down on a monthly planner to always be in front of you.

Take control

Your school day is your school day, and it shouldn’t have to revolve around a teacher’s schedule. The more you let others control your time, the less in control you’ll be of it and yourself. If a class starts at 8:30 AM, but you need to get there early for a seat, don’t let the teacher tell you that you have to wait until/her 8:45 lecture comes to an end before moving ahead with whatever needs to be done. It would help if you always went after what’s next on your list first thing in the morning without delay.

Trick yourself to get better at Time Management Skills for students

Some assignments will take longer than others (I’m at you, English research paper). If you have one of these monsters on your desk or your computer but don’t have the time to start working on it, trick yourself into thinking that you do. For example, if you’re looking at a 30-page paper due in two weeks, type “30-page essay” into Google and click on the first link. You’ll get surprised by how much work you have already done!

Get rid of distractions

It’s easy to get distracted when there are so many other things competing for your attention (TV, video games, Facebook…), but it’s even easier to lose track of time when they’re not around. One way to keep focused despite all the negative influences is to make sure your cell phone, TV, and computer are nowhere near you. Plus, even if they’re not with you, the temptation to turn the TV on or grab your phone will be there, sending you off course. It would help if you also tried to get rid of other things that may take up too much of your time, like DVDs (you can rent them online), magazines (get a free subscription) and video games (borrow them from friends instead).

Make a to-do list

To-do lists are great because they let you see what you need to do today vs. what can wait until tomorrow. Not only that but writing down all your tasks lets you know how much work is ahead of you rather than just assuming it’s a lot. However, you need to avoid the often-heard statement, “I’ll keep my lists in my head.” It’s nice that your brain can do that, but not if it keeps you up at night worrying about what needs to be done instead of letting you sleep. Time Management Skills for students helps them in getting better sleep too!

Keeping all your to-do lists on scraps of paper is another great way to make sure they are always close by when you need them most plus, no batteries are required! You could also put them in places you rarely look throughout the day, like under your bed or inside a drawer. Also, getting organized doesn’t mean spending hours wiping down your room with some toxic cleaner. All organizing means is laying things out properly so that you know where to find them. Your room doesn’t have to look like a magazine spread; make it work for you.

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Make yourself accountable to improve Time Management Skills for students

Nothing motivates us more than knowing that someone will ask us about something later on. It’s human nature, but it can be really useful when studying, especially when you don’t want your parents finding out how much time you’re spending in front of the TV or playing games. If you have friends or family members who are school haters, tell them all about your goals and ask them if they’d mind asking about them from time to time to carefully follow your progress throughout the year. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little competition!

Keep your head in the game

There’s nothing worse than wasting hours of studying time because you didn’t feel like you were getting anything out of it. A great way to beat this is by taking notes as you read, listen or watch something new. Think of it as a mantra; never stop writing! Always remember how much time went into preparing that lecture/ podcast/ TV show. Try not to think about all that wasted paper or plastic that now sits somewhere on your desk instead of recycling them. It may seem tiring at first, but this will become second nature after a few weeks.

Sports can be a great mood enhancer. Read this article to see the importance of sports in our life.

Remove human distractions (an important Time Management Skills for students)

If someone else is around while trying to study, try talking with them about what you’re learning. It will show them how much you know, but it also helps put the material in context so that you have a better understanding of why things are important. When studying, try to avoid distractions like the radio or TV because they’ll take away your focus after a while.

Teach it to someone else

One good way to help yourself learn something new is to teach it. It’s hard trying to describe something without having to make the motions simultaneously; plus, if anything doesn’t make sense to them, you can work on fixing it before continuing with your studies. Once everything seems OK with your “student,” ask them if they’d mind putting what you’ve learned to the test. Showing people how much you’ve learned is always better than just telling them and having it die with that conversation!

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Set reminders

Sometimes, we need a reminder of why we spend all this time studying instead of having fun, so make sure you have something around you that will remind you of your goals for this year. You could decorate your room with pictures or quotes about success, put up some posters from famous inventors or composers on your walls, or even build a little shrine where everything revolves around learning new things! If it keeps you going, then who cares what anyone else thinks? Always remember that “time flies.” Put: Time goes faster as we get older because every day seems shorter than the last, so try to enjoy the time while you’ve got it. If there’s ever something that needs doing, do it now because you’ll never know when your chance may come again.

Prioritise to improve Time Management Skills for students

Most things in life are easier or better if we plan them out first. It is also true for studying, but instead of asking yourself what I “should” do first… ask yourself what would happen if you left everything else undone! So please make a list of everything that you need to do and make sure they you check them all before thinking about anything else (beer pong included). This way, nothing will take you by surprise after the night before when it comes to studying, and there’ll be no more excuses for not finishing your work on time.

Form a study group or get a study buddy (like My Engineering Buddy)

One way to help you learn something new is to find a study buddy. They can quiz or test you on what you’ve been learning to better understand what it is and how it applies in your daily life. They can also help with your studies by providing online tutoring and homework help services. Plus, if they’re asking the same questions as the professor, they’ll always be around when you’re asking yourself, “what did he just say?” or “how does that work anyway?”.

You don’t have to share everything with them because sometimes all it takes is someone else being there to ask the tough questions. If anything doesn’t make sense, see your study buddy at their earliest convenience! Time Management Skills for students can improve this way too.

So this year, resolve to get a little smarter. Set aside a few hours each day to learn something new, and who knows what you might end up with? Maybe a little more knowledge, or maybe even a new friend! Either way, your year is going to be better for it.

“It’s never too late to start over… But it’s also important to remember that once the starting point has passed, it can’t come back. If we keep trying to go back there, we might find ourselves stuck in a rut. Instead, we should make the best of where we are now and work towards something better.”

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