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php application development company

Top PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

To create robust applications and websites developers must consider various PHP frameworks since it is placed at the top of the list of most frequently utilized programming languages. PHP frameworks have traveled a long distance and have adapted since the beginning. Developers have found the various PHP frameworks well-balanced and reliable, however, with the growing complexity of PHP web applications, website creation is not an easy game. PHP began to be used in 1994, and today nearly 82.4 percent of websites use at least one element of the PHP frameworks in their code.

Why Use PHP Frameworks?

PHP framework. It helps speed up the process of development. When websites and applications are built with PHP frameworks, the speed of response increases, and the performance increases. In 2020, there are no doubts, that PHP frameworks will share the most popular use among developers.

Reasons To Use PHP Frameworks

Developers need to write many thousands of lines to develop these web-based applications, which is in itself an unwelcome job. With a myriad of challenges to overcome, PHP frameworks come as lifesavers to these developers. PHP frameworks allow the use of reusable code and can help develop robust and scalable enterprise web applications.

The fame and reputation of PHP have significantly increased because of the following reasons.

  1. task-driven: We all know that PHP is an excellent choice for any web development task. It also assists developers in creating dynamic content for web-based applications. The more dynamic and interactive the content more dynamic, the better the user experience.
  2. The files stored on the server can be altered: It can also carry out operations like opening, creating, and reading files as well as cookie receiving and sending. PHP lets you restrict access to specific parts of websites in a matter of minutes. PHP can also be used to extract data and eliminate the requirement for manual conversions.
  3. Simple to master: PHP frameworks are simpler to master and understand. The syntax is very like C or C++ indicating that those who are proficient in them will be able to master the language. PHP is also so well-known that obtaining resources related to the framework is quite simple. On StackOverflow, the framework is deemed as the 4th most popular subject for discussion.
  4. Eliminates compatibility issues: PHP frameworks are also compatible with a variety of platforms as well as on various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and many others. It also works with a wide range of databases and is optimized for mobile devices as it is compatible with iOS as well as Android.

TOP 10 Most Used PHP Frameworks for Web Development 2020

1. Laravel Framework

The entire process of development is simplified because it speeds up basic tasks like routing and caching, as well as authentication. If your web application is small or big, Laravel is suitable notwithstanding the complex requirements for backends. Laravel comes with a host of functions that make customizing complex applications much more simple. MVC architecture templates engine view, authentication and security are a few of the reasons why you should utilize Laravel.

Don’t forget to read our feature about the numerous advantages Laravel will be offering in 2020. !

Why should you choose to use the Laravel Framework?

  • It has a huge community to help and resources.
  • It allows for an easy modification of complex applications. It allows for easy customization of the complex.
  • It makes sure that the transfer of data is seamless and free of any hiccups.
  • Portals that are starting up, in particular, it has a higher performance.

2. Codeigniter Framework

Developers who want to build dynamic websites are increasingly relying on Codeigniter as an extremely reliable PHP framework. It is a framework with predetermined components and components that are reused and aid in the creation of an effective application. Codeigniter is lightweight and is a simpler PHP framework that’s quite simple to install. It is the ideal place to start since it’s a straightforward installation process. The text is simple and contains a large number of illustrations that make it simpler to comprehend.

It runs using its MVC architecture, comes with inbuilt security tools, and comes with an improved error handling function that makes its applications work faster than other frameworks. It’s an excellent option due to its status as an ideal choice for the development of lightweight applications. CodeIgniter also tries to incorporate features of high security because its popularity is growing.

Learn why Codeigniter is regarded as to be one of the most powerful frameworks you can use for your web-based application.

Why should you choose to use the CodeIgnitor structure?

  • It’s quite light because of its tiny size.
  • It’s great for novices due to its easy-to-comprehend setting-up and configuration procedure.
  • Error handling is top-of-the-line.
  • It’s also much faster when in comparison to different PHP frameworks.
  • Even on servers with intermediate connections, the Codeigniter framework is a great tool for developing dynamic apps.

3. Symfony

The framework is more advanced than Laravel. It was first introduced in 2005. It is a comprehensive framework that is part of its MVC framework. It is also regarded as the only framework in compliance with web standards. For larger business projects Symfony has proven to be the best choice as it is easy to configure and provides installation options.

It has reusable components and database engine-independence capabilities that help its stand out. It integrates with the most effective Web practices, patterns, and best practices to ensure it can easily integrate with library resources and vendor resources. Its flexibility allows it to easily integrate with larger projects such as Drupal. Both Laravel framework and Symfony have a strong relationship and it’s a challenge to choose which one is superior.

Why Choose Symfony?

  • The documentation of the site is comprehensive.
  • Developers have the option of choosing the DRM they want to use.
  • Easy to combine libraries of third-party vendors.
  • Creates highly scalable and scalable applications that can be highly scalable.

4. Yii2

Yii is a simple framework. Yii framework is very simple. It has earned its status as a highly performing framework and is considered to be appropriate for modern web-based applications. It’s an all-purpose framework that is simple to install and comes with reliable security features that make it ideal for tough e-commerce sites as well as a content management system and many more.

The framework’s users have reported speedy and high performance. It helps developers and prohibits developers from writing repetitive SQL statements that can represent data from databases that are object-related. The community and resources of the framework are growing. Yii2 can be expanded and every bit of code can be modified. It comes with a high learning curve as well.

Why Choose Yii?

  • easy to modify the code.
  • perfectly suited for modern web-based applications.
  • Unbeatable security features.
  • Comparatively to other frameworks, it consumes less memory.

5. Slim

It may be basic, however, it’s extremely efficient and ideal for applications that don’t require the advanced features of the full stack framework. While it’s a simple framework, it comes with impressive features, including the encryption of cookies, HTTP cache, the routing of URLs, and many more. Additionally, it has support for flash messages that are based on HTTP requests. Developers utilize Slim mostly to build RESTful APIs.

Why Choose Slim?

  • pretty simple to master.
  • It is a powerful framework with key features such as URL routing and encryption of cookies It’s like a dark horse within several frameworks.
  • For a simple web application, it’s an excellent framework.
  • Documentation is simple and maintenance is much easier than in different frameworks.

Interesting Facts About PHP Frameworks

  • Today, the country holds a top spot in terms of importance.
  • Front-end developers have also confirmed PHP to be among the top languages for front-end development.
  • With full-stack developers, it’s the fourth most popular trend.

Which One To Go For?

In Soft Suave Technologies, you can hire Laravel developers for developing excellent web apps. We have knowledge and experience across all PHP frameworks that can meet your specific needs. PHP frameworks were designed to facilitate the development process as well as help reduce the burden of this process of development.

Each of the frameworks listed comes with its own unique features, and lists of different documentation and support for the community. Choosing the most suitable framework for your project will be based on a variety of aspects like security, scalability, and more. Contact us with any questions regarding the best framework to go with your particular project.

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