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Chelsford Institute offer training courses in uk

Chelsford Institute Offer Different Training Courses in Uk


Chelsford Institute of Higher Education is a preeminent provider of prestigious academic certificates in the UK. It has been offering pupils a top-notch education for more than 10 years. Chelsford provides more than 100 courses with opportunities for full-time, part-time, and online study. We focus on all of the students rather than just one.


We provide a range of solutions for you. Regardless of your background or goals. If you are an international student thinking about studying in the UK. The visa and immigration department at the chelsford institute. It can help you with the visa application process and help you realise your ambition of pursuing a higher education.




A range of laser training, beauty training, online training, and internship programmes are offered by Chlesford.



Laser course

Nowadays, cosmetology and aesthetics are rapidly expanding medical specialties. Nowadays, a lot of individuals focus on and work to enhance their skin. Our laser courses are created to provide you with a thorough understanding of the laser technique. We lead you through three levels of trainingfoundation, intermediate, and advance. It provide you with the knowledge you need to properly treat patients.




Laser practitioner Diploma VTCT

This course is for you if you want to become a laser practitioner. But have no prior experience with lasers or beauty. You will learn all you need to know in this course to work in the laser and beauty industries.



VTCT level 4 laser & IPL treatment

For students who want to practice laser treatments. There is a level 4 design. You will receive great training at Chelsford College. In the use of laser hair removal and IPL skin treatments. You will learn how to treat the most common skin issues using laser and IPL equipment in this course. This includes sunspot freckle removal, IPL acne treatment, IPL rosacea treatment, skin tightening, and IPL photo rejuvenation facial.



Level 4 laser & blemish

This course will teach you advanced aesthetics and laser techniques for laser hair removal and laser skin therapy. If you want to learn more than just laser hair removal.



Level 5 laser tattoo removal

We will cover all the information you need to know about tattoos. The removal process and various equipment in this course. For individuals who wish to learn about laser tattoo removal and work in the field, this course is required. The aesthetics market for laser tattoo removal is expanding extremely quickly.






Laser core of knowledge

You will learn about health and safety issues including the design of laser rooms and eye risks in this course. To operate in the laser sector, you must have an online certification, and this course satisfies all of your legal and insurance requirements.



Fat freeze and sculpting

For therapists interested in specialising in non-surgical body treatments, this course has been created. The training will cover Cellulite, Body Contouring, Tightening of Skin, and Brazilian Bum Lift in addition to Fat Freeze, which eliminates 25% of body fat cells.



Beauty courses

Chelsford Institute skin care offered many different beauty courses. We will instruct you using real-world experience, resources, and course materials. As well as throughout the course of three training levels: foundational, intermediate, and advanced.


VTCT level 2 & 3 NVQ beauty therapy

This training is a prerequisite for becoming a fully qualified and insured beauty therapist. The course includes all you need to know to perform. Both the most cutting-edge and conventional beauty treatments that are offered in salons. The top professional organisations in the UK accept this certification, which is based on the beauty treatment National Occupational Standards (NOS).


VTCT Level 2, 3 & 4 NVQ Beauty & laser

This programme qualifies you to practise laser treatment and instructs you in everything from basic to advanced beauty therapy. Level 2 beauty treatment, Level 3 beauty therapy, Level 4 laser core knowledge, and Level 2 infection control are all covered in the course. With these credentials, you’ll be allowed to perform laser and skin treatments.


VTCT level 2 award facial & skincare

This course is perfect for someone who wants to earn this certificate to work in the aesthetics business. But does not want to finish the entire NVQ level 2.


Level 3 Beauty Therapy and Laser and IPL courses.

This training is perfect for improving your ability to provide entirely electrical facials after performing basic facials. Improve the health of your face and skin with a Level 3 facial course.



CPD Advanced plasma Fibroblast

In this course you will learn the Non-surgical Eye Lift technique and how to use a Plasma device to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the Face and Body.




Medical courses

Chelsford Institute provides you with all the knowledge you need to pursue a career in the valuable medical aesthetics sector. You will develop into a capable, assured, and well-rounded professional as a result of doing our medical courses.


Medical Aesthetics Diplom

To teach medical professionals the most popular and cutting-edge aesthetic procedures, this course has been created. The training includes skin rejuvenation, dark circles, fillers, PRP for hair restoration, CO2 medical grade lasers for complete skin ablation, and resurfacing.



BOTOX and Dermal fillers

This course teaches you about the two non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the aesthetics market that are expanding the quickest and might be the most rewarding. You will receive a recognized certificate at the end of the training day. You will acquire a number of new skills in this course that will help you start a job, grow in your industry, and improve your quality of life.



PRP Advanced treatment

Medical professionals who wish to learn new, cutting-edge techniques in the domain of aesthetics should take this course. You will learn how to cure dark circles, promote hair growth, and renew the skin with PRP techniques.



Intimate laser Rejuvenation

This programme is designed for medical professionals who wish to pursue careers in the specialised field of intimate rejuvenation. The idea regarding vaginal tightening is covered, along with the issues it may treat, including urine bladder, tissue tightness, lubrication, coolness, and sexual enjoyment.



Online course

Enroll in one of our beginner, intermediate, or advanced online training courses and join the ranks of successful laser and physicians. You become familiar about laser technology and become aware of its special uses in the beauty sector.

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