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Top restaurants in Dubai - Taste the most authentic food

Top restaurants in Dubai – Taste the most authentic food

When it comes to taste and food, Dubai never lags. Along with eye-catching skyscrapers and extraordinary travel experiences, Dubai’s restaurants act as a finishing touch. Dubai offers yummy dishes, world-class dining, and a unique cutlery experience for the food enthusiast. Whether you want to experience luxurious dining or top-class service on budget, you can get everything in the emirate.

You might be wondering how to travel there? If you are new to Dubai, this question is pretty obvious. However, you do not have to worry about this topic a lot as you can rent a car in an international city and make your work easier.

Top restaurants in Dubai

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara is amongst the top places to try food in Dubai. Though it is not near to any coastline still offers an outstanding dining experience within the extensive aquarium. This restaurant provides the recipes of Michelin-starred British chefs with simple touch flavored ingredient that speaks for the taste of the dishes.


The sea sky-touching palm trees surround the restaurant, and the noisy atmosphere of the tides enriches the magnificence. The royal mirage has a casual ambiance during the day and during the sunset sweetens the glory of the mirage. The restaurant offers modern food with Asian touch and twist.


Allo Beirut

The colorful restaurant in Dubai offers vibrant Levantine cuisine. The restaurant walls are well-decored, enhancing the ambiance as you enter inside. There are plenty of menus this restaurant offers, and you can check them on their official website as well.

Al Hadheerah

The restaurant is located just 60 min drive from the airport. It gives you a feeling of an isolated oasis that is the perfect place to order and taste your dinner during sunset. You can enjoy the authentic recipes of the middle east with live music and entertainment for the guest.

The Emirati Heritage Museum nearby the area adds an extra touch of culture.

Zheng He’s

Zheng He’s is a celebrity chef who offers contemporary Chinese authentic cuisine with a transformed modern flair touch. You can enjoy an eye-blowing view from the waterside of the restaurant. The restaurant serves premier dining with Burj Al Arab Jumeirah view.


This restaurant has been around in Dubai since 1980 and it serves Asian cuisines to the guest. The specialty of the restaurant is Japanese cuisine. It is old and still maintains its reputation amongst its followers.

Wild and the Moon

The restaurant offers entirely vegetarian dishes that serve numerous veg soups, desert, salads, bowls, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and many more. This place is like a fortune for the vegetarian people in Dubai, and you can even demand vegan options.


This restaurant serves excessively Thai options with Bangkok-style seafood. You can experience the vibes of culinary traditions. Try the most traditional recipes of Thai cuisine. You must try Thai iced tea in Thiptara.

Buddha-Bar Dubai

The Buddha-Bar is one of the lavish venues in Dubai, which is situated in Grosvenor House hotel. The name of the restaurant bar is on the name of giant Buddha statue. The restaurant is famous for its unique, authentic food, superb ambiance, and loud DJ music. The restaurant serves fusion sushi, Thai and traditional Chinese cuisine.


The iconic restaurant is situated in the Arabian Gulf. This restaurant is famous for its traditional seafood. They have a wide variety of seafood that you can enjoy with a fantastic noisy atmosphere surrounded by the sea and tides.

Rhodes W1

This restaurant offers an incredible fusion of Anglo-French cuisine. Enjoy this electric menu with a glass of vintage wine. You can enjoy dining surrounded by the greenery and witness the iconic view of the Dubai Marina from the terrace garden.

Choix Patisserie & Restaurant

The celebrity chef Pierre Gagnaire serves the most creative cuisine to its guest. The restaurant offers an outstanding dining experience for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Along with the delicious food, taste the wide variety of desserts here.

Zuma Dubai

The Zuma in Dubai is specialized and renowned for its Japanese Izakaya style of dining, and this restaurant traditionally offers Japanese fare and dishes.


The fantastic brand of Italian cuisine entered Dubai in 2021. It has debuted late in the market, the restaurant is occupying it. Fi’lia offers an authentic taste of Italian cuisine that follows the old method of the recipe.

Final thoughts

Dubai has many top places to explore, you can not complete your day without visiting restaurants in Dubai. All the restaurants are amongst the top in Dubai that offers delicious food with an elegant dining experience. If you are in Dubai or planning to explore Dubai, visit a restaurant to make the memories and cherish them.


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