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Water heater assistance services

In Lisbon, as in any other city, it is possible to find water heater assistance services. These services are provided by specialized professionals who carry out maintenance, repairs, and, in some cases, the installation of water heaters. To find technical assistance in Lisbon, you can follow some guidelines I mentioned earlier, such as online research, local recommendations, specialized companies, checking reviews, consulting social media, and verifying the certification/licenses of technicians.

As for the types of water heaters that exist, I have mentioned some earlier. Let’s recap:

  1. Instantaneous Water Heater:

    • Heats water instantly as it passes through the appliance.
  2. Storage Water Heater:

    • Stores a preheated amount of water in a reservoir.
  3. Sealed Combustion Water Heater:

    • Has a sealed combustion chamber, drawing the necessary oxygen for combustion from the outside.
  4. Atmospheric Water Heater:

    • Draws the necessary air for combustion from the environment where it is installed.
  5. Electric Water Heater:

    • Heats water using electric resistance.
  6. Solar Water Heater:

    • Uses solar energy to heat water, often complemented by a backup system.
  7. Gas Water Heater:

    • The most common type, powered by natural gas or propane.
  8. Condensing Water Heater:

    • Utilizes the heat produced during combustion by condensing water vapor in the exhaust.
  9. Blue Flame Water Heater:

    • Uses more efficient gas burning, resulting in lower pollutant emissions.
  10. Oil Water Heater:

    • Uses oil as fuel to heat water.

When choosing a water heater, it is important to consider the specific hot water needs of the residence, the availability of fuel (gas, electricity, solar, etc.), and the installation conditions. Technical assistance can provide guidance on which type of water heater is most suitable for your situation and perform the necessary maintenance to ensure its proper operation.

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