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What is the best month to renovate a house?

For many, renovation is like a natural disaster, and to minimize losses, it is better to prepare for it in advance. The repair will require not only serious financial, but also impressive emotional injections. If your plans include a major remodeling of the apartment with an interior design solution, then you will have to develop a strategy.

When planning repairs, you need to formulate answers to some common questions.

  •  What needs to be changed, improved, and corrected?
  • Where are changes needed (exterior and/or interior finishes)?
  •  When is it appropriate to do this?
  • When is the ideal time to purchase construction materials?
  •  What budget is available?
  •  Are you ready to enlist the services of a designer?
  •  Where will you look for a construction team?
  •  Is it necessary to move to another apartment during the renovation?

The answers received will, of course, provide the basis for only a very general plan of action and of course, renovation services will help you, but for the time being, this will suffice.

Summer renovation.

The spring-summer period is the traditional season of repairs. The advantages are obvious: longer days (more time to do it), it’s warm outside (ideal time for outdoor and indoor work), it’s easier to replace radiators (heating is off). In addition, many building and finishing materials are designed to work at positive temperatures; they also need to be transported and stored warm. Repairing balconies and loggias, installing air conditioners, and changing windows is easier and more convenient in the spring and summer.
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If you decide to change the roof of the roof, clad the walls in a private house, then it is better to do this in spring and summer.

An important question is whether you plan to move out of the apartment during the renovation or not. If you decide to live elsewhere, then you should not care and yet in the summer, there are more pluses. There are many offers for seasonal rent, there is an opportunity to live in the country. True, one more nuance must be taken into account: during the repair, it is unlikely that you will be able to go on vacation. Most likely, the process will require your presence in the city. So a trip to the sea will have to be sacrificed.

Winter renovation.

Almost all stages of interior decoration can be carried out in winter. Only work on replacing radiators becomes a big problem. It is extremely inconvenient to change batteries when the heating is on. This procedure will require long coordination with the Housing Office.

But repairs in the cold season have a plus: as a rule, many repair specialists are free and ready to start work right away. Laying laminate flooring, repairs in all rooms, replacing furniture, installing stretch ceilings, replacing windows – all this can be done without any problems in the autumn-winter period. Furthermore, many building materials are cheaper in the autumn and winter.

Whatever time you choose for the repair, it is important to clearly plan all the work and break the process into stages. Be prepared for it to take longer than you anticipated. And be aware that summer repairs may change into winter repairs or vice versa. Remember this and make the most of it.

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