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ottoman beds

What types of beds are available?

There are several types of beds, each with their own specific properties. Before you buy a bed, it is important that you already know roughly what type of ottoman beds you would like. Ottoman beds can be divided into the following types: conventional beds, box spring beds and water beds.

Conventional beds are understood to mean a bedstead containing a bed base and a mattress or a loose bed base with a mattress. Nowadays, beds are often sold that consist of a bed base on legs with a mattress. Each bed has its own specific properties, such as a high low bed or a lift bed. These are beds that make getting in and out of bed much easier. To help you on your way, you will find below an explanation of the different bed options.

Bed with a cot

Cribs (also called bed frames) come in many types and options. You can choose a wooden bedstead but also a steel bedstead. In a cot there is a bed base and the mattress. The mattress protrudes above the cot so that you do not feel it when getting in and out. A crib actually completes the picture, but it is not a necessity. You can now also buy a bed base on legs and put the mattress on it.

If necessary, you can always put a cot around it over time. A big advantage of a bedstead is that you can get the conversion in any style. A cot therefore fits in every bedroom. It is also possible to make a four-poster bed from a cot. Four-poster beds are beds with a canopy (“heaven”) and can be closed by means of a curtain.

A waterbed

There are 3 different types of waterbeds available; a herdwide waterbed, a softie waterbed and a lightweight waterbed. The herdwide has a hard bed frame (cot), the softie has a soft bed frame (resembling a box spring) and the lightweight waterbed is actually more of a water mattress that can also be placed in a regular bed. A waterbed can be placed in two different ways.

You can take a soft-side waterbed or a waterbed that can be placed in a cot. A soft side looks a lot like a box spring and is a fairly massive whole. A waterbed placed in a cot actually looks just like an ordinary bed, except that it does not contain a normal mattress, but a bag of water. A big disadvantage of a waterbed is that you have to maintain it (1 x every six months add conditioner to the water and that you always have to heat it, this will of course cost you electricity. In addition, a waterbed is very difficult to move (move).

The box spring beds

A box spring is also called a hotel ottoman beds and is really just a bed base on which a mattress still has to be placed. A box spring is roughly translated a box with springs and it actually is. The box is covered with fabric of your choice. Many colors and different fabrics are available. Usually a pocket mattress is used on a box spring , but latex or cold foam mattresses can also be used. When buying a box spring, as a rule, you also buy an upholstered back wall.

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