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When Will You Need to Adopt an Interview Scheduling Software in Lieu of Traditional Calendar Tools

When Will You Need to Adopt an Interview Scheduling Software in Lieu of Traditional Calendar Tools

Have you ever asked this question yourself, how long the interview will prolong?

Are you still thinking to figure out the right answer? It will take around 30 days or more for an interview process to get complete. 

You can take note of examples around the world starting from the United States of America. 

In the US, it will take around 22.9 days for a human resource executive to complete a job interview process for an eligible candidate.

The average processing speed of a job interview process in Europe especially in the UK is 27 days & which is not different from the USA.

Most of the companies doing business in the world still use the old ways of scheduling interviews with the help of spreadsheets & post-it notes.

Now, this process can’t continue in a cut-throat competitive environment where every company is looking for acquiring the best talent or candidate for the company. 

Hence, if a company keeps on using the old methods, it might risk losing the best candidates who are eligible for the job. Here, it will take the employers to complete the interview process in 27 days on average. 

So now the question arises- 

Why processing speed of an interview process is so slow in most parts of the world? 

Conducting the job interview process for an employer or interviewer gets slow due to many reasons and using the outdated method of appointing, scheduling & conducting the interview is one of the reasons. 

Solution:- There is only one possible solution to this problem. A modern-day interviewer will go for an online interview scheduling software that will help him to manage the candidates.

Now, it’s time to know about the basics of the Interview scheduling software along with its functions.

What is Interview Scheduling Software & how does it works?

An online interview scheduling software will optimize & automate the scheduling process.

Scheduling software is well-designed for supporting all kinds of complex interviews such as back-to-back, panel, round-robin interviews, or an entire assessment day. 

With the help of an interview scheduling app, you can integrate different calendars on a single platform for smooth management. 

Apart from that, a well-designed & effective software will help a lot in reminding all stakeholders involved in upcoming meetings.

Market Overview

The market size of the global interview scheduling software is expected to reach $546.31 million by the year 2026 growing at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2019 to 2026.

Source: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/

When a company should adopt interview scheduling software over traditional methods?

You have to adopt and deploy an effective online interview scheduling software to stand out in the crowd.

But when a company starts hiring people on a large scale then using the interview scheduling software becomes a priority more than ever.

Otherwise, using the same old traditional techniques for scheduling interviews will be a daunting process.

Any interview scheduling software that a company uses for an interview or appointment scheduling brings freedom to the scheduling process & the H.R personnel using it.

An interview scheduling software provides a birds-eye view of all the pending interview cases to the recruiters. 

Now managing a calendar embedded inside an interview scheduling software application will be easy because you can be able to see both available & unavailable time slots on the same page. 

Just like a good employee, an interview scheduling app or software works like a mediator between interviewers & candidates. 

It forwards scheduling & rescheduling emails to all the involved stakeholders & also updates the results to everyone’s calendar.


  1. Using an interview scheduling software when a company hires through events

    Recruiting employees via interview scheduling software doesn’t happen inside the four walls of a concrete building. It is also done outside the buildings such as hiring candidates for events.  

    Recruiting new employees via events comes with so many challenges. Your company will not be the only one that attends the event for recruiting employees. Many companies are there with the same intention as yours. 

    Once the candidates start flocking to the recruitment booth at the event. It is the responsibility of your company’s recruitment team to process the bundle of resumes. 

    It will be not possible to process them all without using interview scheduling software.  

    Managing large-scale interviews at events at a short notice is not easy. So, how can an online interview scheduling software tool be going to solve this problem?

    The answer is by allowing companies to create their different time slots in advance enables students or candidates to pick the company of their choice that suits them the most.

    The interview scheduler frees up a recruiter’s precious time while giving the applicants the initiative to choose. 

    Now, it is up to your company to choose the interview management tool that will suit their needs.  

    Some of these management tools even allow their users to make a standard evaluation form to enable event members to follow a format to conduct interviews on-site & log their evaluation of candidates.   

  2. Companies Use Interview Schedulers When They Need To Attract Young Minds & Talents

    If you are an employer or an HR executive, please keep in mind not to keep your candidates waiting. The new-age candidates can either walk out of the interview due to impatience or get a better offer than yours.

    With the help of efficient, intelligent & powerful interview scheduling software applications such as Picktime or its equal, you can be able to cut the risk of candidates walking away from your company. 

    The basic advantage of possessing scheduling software is that it takes less amount of time to complete the process. 

    Due to this automated booking system, interviews get booked & hence recruiters will get more time to interact & form connections with all the aspiring candidates

  3. Companies Can Use The Scheduling Software To Fill An Urgent Position Too

    For some companies especially for their human resource personnel, recruiting candidates is like a race. 

    They have to prevent candidates from rival competitors. Also have to deal with neck tight deadlines set by their own companies to fill urgent positions.

    Hence, to stop the candidates from disappearing, you have to use features like scheduling & sending automated emails. 

    You can use the real-time calendar syncing to notify your candidates about upcoming interviews. 

    You can also send automatic reminders to the candidates to optimize the scheduling process via the scheduling app. 

    You can also use this app to stay in constant touch with the candidates & answer all their anxious questions about the job interview & its results.  

  4. Automated Candidate Scheduling Software Reduces The Scope Of Confusion & Error

    Some of the companies are still using the old traditional methods of scheduling candidates for the interviews and it leads to lots of confusion, error, waste of time & loss of eligible candidates. 

    The problem with traditional methods is that recruiters will set interview meeting times without knowing or considering the time zones. It results in missed meetings.

    But when a smart business owner employs an effective candidate scheduling software such as Picktime then all the time zones of the invested parties are taken into consideration & the process gets crystal clear. 

    All the invested parties such as recruiters, team members & candidates will be able to see & know the location of the interview along with its time zone. 

    This will help you to know when a company needs to adopt an interview scheduling software. 

    Now, it is time for the entrepreneur to know about some brilliant interview scheduling tips that will make their interview handling technique smoother. 

Thus, here are they:- 

  1. Devote Your Time & Energy

    Most of the job interviews that happen last for 5 to 45 minutes depending on the candidate’s eligibility & evaluation. 

    As an interviewer, you have to devote both your time & energy to closely monitoring every round of interviews. 

    Divide the slots into the different parts of the interview by including other recruiting heads as well. 

    It will need more keen & clear planning for execution. Now planning your time is vital because the ultimate decision to hire the candidate & evaluating him at the same time lies in that period only.  

  2.  Include Some Extra Time

    This is the second-best idea to schedule an interview with the help of an interview scheduler such as Picktime. 

    You should include some extra time between every interview . It is quite important to do that because leaving some amount of time could cut down on any delays. 

    You can also relax for some time from your tight schedules. It help you to hold smooth interview sessions with your candidates.

If you are facing recruitment problems, consider adopting an online interview scheduling software such as Picktime.

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