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breast cancer lumps

Where are most breast cancer lumps found?

A woman can have a localized swelling in the breast that can be different from breast tissue. An individual must note that most breast lumps don’t carry the risk of cancer. Following that, a woman can have her breast tissue changed after a certain period. So, one’s occurrence of breast cancer lumps needs proper diagnosis every time. Eventually, an individual may consult the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Chennai for this cause. 

Here, a reader may go through this article to know more about breast cancer lumps. Eventually, one may come across the signs that can reflect cancer’s presence.

Where can you find breast cancer lumps commonly?

Truly, an oncologist may be way much concerned about finding the breast cancer lumps. Generally, people are tested negative for breast cancer lumps after undergoing a proper biopsy. Besides that, one’s sign of having cancerous tissue may differ from the other. But, a woman’s occurrence of breast cancer lumps can be traced in the upper outer quadrant of the breast.


However, an individual needs to know that breast cancer can be found anywhere in the breast. Moving on, a man can have breast cancer lumps around the area of the nipple. So, one’s breast cancer can have its formation regardless of the gender itself. 

What can a breast cancer lumps feel like?

Precisely, a doctor may look out for certain characteristics in breast cancer lump that makes them different from noncancerous lumps. In general, an individual need not rely upon these generalizations at all. Here, a doctor’s help can be taken to determine the breast cancer lumps.

So, one’s signs of breast cancer lumps may include the following:

  • This doesn’t hurt
  • Bumpy in structure
  • Irregular edges
  • Firm and hard breast
  • Difficulty in moving it with a finger
  • Growing or changing the nature of breast
  • Located in the upper outer quadrant of the breast

Still, one must note that having few of these characteristics doesn’t indicate the presence of breast cancer. Here, an individual’s presentation of breast cancer lumps may vary accordingly. Besides that, a person may have it anywhere on the chest or armpit. 

How can you differentiate a noncancerous breast lump?

A woman having benign breast disease is quite common as compared to breast cancer. Besides that, an individual may have a variety of breast disorders that can involve a breast lump.

So, one’s signs of a noncancerous breast lump may include the following:

  • Tender breasts
  • Soft or rubbery breast
  • Breast getting smaller
  • Easily moveable with fingers
  • Having the round and smooth shape

What can a breast cancer lumps feel like?

Usually, one’s breast cancer lumps may feel rounded, tender, and soft while touching. A woman must know that it can occur anywhere in the breast area. Besides that, an individual needs not to worry if that lump feels painful. 

Furthermore, a woman can have dense as well as fibrous breast tissues in her body. However, one may find it difficult to notice any significant changes in this case. 

How can you diagnose breast cancer lumps?

Initially, a doctor will assess a person’s medical history before addressing the problem of the breast. Here, an individual’s occurrence of breast cancer lumps may go through a physical examination. Following that, a doctor will run certain imaging tests to assure the cancerous nature of the breast.

So, one’s diagnostic tests of breast lumps may include the following:

  • Ultrasound Scans

A doctor can take the help of ultrasound scans to view the internal structures of the breast. Here, an individual may go through different sound waves for attaining the purpose. Following that, one can detect certain abnormalities in the breast by using this procedure. However, a woman must know that ultrasound is a safe procedure that doesn’t use radiation. 

  • MRI Scan

People may use the means of MRI Scan for detecting any kind of abnormalities in the breast. An individual’s breast MRI captures numerous images of the breast. Following that, an expert combines these images in the computer for deriving a detailed image. So, an oncologist may plan treatment according to the results of an MRI Scan. 

  • X-ray

Generally, a doctor may recommend going for a mammogram for having a detailed picture of the breast. Following that, one’s breast lumps can be seen 2 years before their actual occurrence. 

  • Biopsy

An individual must note that breast biopsy is the best way for detecting a lump in the breast. Still, one should remember that breast lumps aren’t cancerous every time. 

  • PET Scan

One should know that a PET scan is the best way of detecting breast cancer. In general, a doctor can trace suspicious areas of the body that can contain lumps through this procedure. However, an individual needs to note that proper staging of breast cancer can’t be done with a PET scan.

So, doctors can use several diagnostic tests to check the presence of breast lumps. Here, an individual’s occurrence of breast cancer may not be cancerous every time. Following that, a person needs to go for regular cancer screening for this purpose. 

How can you treat breast cancer?

Precisely, an oncologist may recommend the necessary treatment option depending on the patient’s health. Here, one’s diagnostic test plays a crucial role in determining the treatment.

So, a woman can treat her breast cancer in the following ways:

  • Chemotherapy

An individual may be given the drugs of chemotherapy for treating breast cancer.

  • Radiation Therapy

A doctor uses the means of high-powered radiation beams to attend to cancer cells in the breast. Here, an individual may go through certain side effects of this treatment.

  • Surgery

The oncologist may use surgical intervention to cure breast cancer in its initial stage. Furthermore, a doctor may combine surgical treatment with other therapies.

  • Immunotherapy

One’s immune system is made capable of fighting off cancer cells in the breast.


People need to know that breast cancer lumps have multiple characteristics for its detection. An individual should know about the diagnostic tests that can confirm its presence. Besides that, a woman must remain aware of different treatment options to cure its cause. So, one can consult the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Chennai for this purpose. 

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