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Channel of Communication

Which Channel of Communication Should Be Used for Business?

Businesses cannot be sustained without a proper channel of communication. Every business segment has to communicate. They communicate to demand, report, forecast, and address concerns. The management and employees communicate through communication channels. The communication channels are ways through which people in a business unit interact. They interact and communicate by using the communication channels. Communication keeps employees engaged, and productive.

In the absence of communication, an organisation faces extreme challenges. The challenges may be for aligning employees’ productivity towards organisational goals and objectives. They may fail to engage the employees. Besides this, they may be driving innovation. Hence, a proper channel of communication is the backbone of any organisation’s success. Following are some of the most common, and proper channel of communication in a business unit:

Communication Through Written Channels In The Business Organisations

In this channel of communication, interaction takes place through writing. It is the most effective way of communication for any business. It requires formality. Further, it is a trusted, and reliable source of communication. It provides high resonance as well. Also, it is a scalable way of communication. It provides person-specific information to its users. Most businesses rely on the use of written channels of communication. Suppliers, customers, and employees prefer this communication channel for communicating with each other. But it leads to “Red-Tape”. This is because every piece of communication/information must be in the form of writing. Besides this, writing delays the work. It also delays feedback. Sometimes, the static message carries irrelevant information. This use of unnecessary information is frustrating for the user.


Written communication has the following advantages;

  • Revisions can be made possible in the information
  • Frame basis of legal and formal proceedings is evident
  • It will make references easy
  • It helps maintains secrecy
  • Ease in comprehending information
  • Is reliable
  • Records maintenance
  • Is effective
  • Gives authoritative Control
  • Ensures acceptability
  • There is less probability of encountering mistakes
  • There is less possibility of distortion
  • Ease in understanding is ensured
  • It helps reach many stakeholders


Written communication has some drawbacks as well. These are highlighted below:

  • Difficult to assess the impact
  • Limited ability for clarifying the concerns
  • Complexity of the information
  • Irrelevant and unnecessary Information
  • Red tape-ism
  • Delayed corrections
  • Late feedback
  • Static message
  • Delays in the work

Written communication channels may be any of the following;

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Press Releases
  • Websites
  • Faxes
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Proposals
  • Letters
  • Telegrams
  • Postcards
  • Contracts
  • Advertisements

Communication Through Oral Channels In The Business Organisations

According to a dissertation writing service, in this channel of communication, the interaction takes place through the use of words (Verbal or Spoken). It is the richest medium through which communication takes place. It is the “labour-intensive” mode of communication. This is because hundreds of people can communicate at a time. Oral communication use is common when hundreds of people are facing a common issue. It records the reactions, and behaviours of employees in receiving information.

The leaders and high-ranked managers usually conduct oral communication sessions. The managers use it when there is a chance of occurrence of anxiety and stress in the employees. Besides this, the employees may be emotionally reacting to the information. The management uses it to provide immediate feedback. The aim is to not delay the production. The quickest way of communication builds trust and relationships. This is a relationship between the management, and employees of an organisation.


Oral channel of communication has some advantages which are as follows;

  • Immediate Feedback
  • Building of trust and relationship
  • Speedy, quick, and efficient way of communication
  • Instant decision-making


Channel of communication has some drawbacks as well. These are given as follows:

  • Difficulty in revisions as information is said and shared once by the provider
  • Creation of references is not possible
  • Difficulty in comprehending information

Oral channel of communication may be any of the following.

  • Face-to-face presentations
  • Group presentations
  • Mobile phone conferences
  • Video-meetings
  • Telephone, or mobile phone calls
  • Lectures
  • Speeches

Communication By Using Electronic Media In Business Organisations

In this channel, communication takes place through the use of technology. It is the most effective way of communicating in real-time. The information can be shared at a distance. The information can be instantly reached by millions of people as well. These people can be at any distance. Electronic media provides them with a convenient way of effective communication. It is suitable for sharing time-sensitive data through electronic media. Besides this, it is useful for sharing updates.

It can easily engage people through discussions and debates. Employees in a business can share their input in the decision-making aspect of a company. It is the easiest way of accessing information. People can share their sentiments and create dialog easily. Employees instantly share their concerns over electronic communication channels. Management instantly addresses them by using electronic media.


Electronic communication channel has some advantages which are as follows:

  • Instant
  • Cost-effective
  • Reaches a wide audience
  • Adaptable
  • Global audiences can easily be targeted by a single message


Electronic channel of communication has some drawbacks as well. These are highlighted as follows;

  • Technical Difficulties
  • Ease in hacking
  • Private data can be stolen
  • May be subject to cyber-attacks
  • Security of the information at risk

Electronic channel of communication may be any of the following;

  • Television broadcast
  • Social media, i.e., Facebook, or Twitter
  • Interactive blogs
  • Pubic, and intranet web pages of the company

Analysis Of Which Communication Channel Is Best For Business Purposes

The communication channels discussed above are commonly used in business. An effective communication channel is beneficial. This is because it clearly provides instructions and meaning of the information. But every communication channel has its pros and cons as well. Written communication provides evidence for the legal proceedings. The cons include delays of feedback, and promotion of red tape-ism. The oral communication channel provides instant feedback, and decision-making benefit. The cons include difficulty in revisions.

This is because information is said and shared once by the provider. Besides this, it provides difficulty in comprehending information. The electronic channel of communication instantly reaches a wide audience. It is also a cost-effective channel of communication. But the cons include private data being stolen, and websites being subjected to cyber-attacks. Besides this, security of the information is at risk as well. This is due to technical difficulties. Hence, business organisations must use communication channel according to nature of the message.

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