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Why SelfieBooth Is Your Best Source for Branded Photo Booth Equipment to Start Your Business

Starting a photo booth business is an exciting decision that can lead to significant profits and personal fulfillment. As a photo booth business owner, you have the opportunity to provide entertainment and memories to special events with quality photo booth equipment.

Just like with any other business, you can’t have great results without a great product. That’s where SelfieBooth comes in. We offer branded photo booths for sale and a wide range of additional perks to launch your photo booth business. Our top-tier photo booth equipment sets the stage for your success.

Why is SelfieBooth the best option to buy a photo booth business for sale? We’ll tell you.

We Provide Training and Support

We want you to feel confident about promoting and using your new branded photo booth equipment. After all, you should feel proud of your business. That’s why we ensure you can gain the knowledge required to maximize your success. 

While the photo booth equipment is easy to use, we help solidify your understanding so that you can advertise and demonstrate all of the bells and whistles to potential customers. Even if you’ve never used a photo booth before, we make it easy to master.

When you purchase a photo booth business for sale, you have access to comprehensive training and support. You can always reach out to our friendly specialists with any questions. 

Even more, we can provide business consulting to guide you through photo booth business and marketing best practices. We strive to eliminate any obstacles that you may face as an entrepreneur. 

We Offer High-Tech, Easy-to-Use Photo Booth Equipment

Event guests will especially love this. Our photo booth equipment is equipped with high-tech features and a simple interface that anyone can use. We believe it should be easy and exciting to create lifelong memories.

Once the photo-taking fun is done, guests can quickly print their photos in various size prints or send their photos digitally for instant social media uploading. Store all the photos from the event in one place by uploading them to an online gallery right from the booth during the event.

Our branded photo booths for sale include high-demand filters and features, making the photos Instagram-ready! With options from skin smoothing to green screens to GIFs, your guests have a number of desirable choices. We’re proud to offer the only photo booth that can be converted into a Mirror Booth for guests to check themselves out before snapping a photo.

Conveniently for you, tools aren’t necessary for set-up, and neither are separate printers and flashes. Everything needed to capture and share high-quality photos is within the photo booth equipment. Connect the booth to wifi, store data such as guest emails and phone numbers, and more.

We Sell Unique Accessories and Backdrops

We sell a variety of awesome accessories and backdrops to make the photo booth experience truly special. You can browse through our many options and find items that elevate your business. Our online cart function makes an online payment, shipping, and delivery a breeze.

Our slip-on padded covers allow you to cover your photo booth equipment to avoid damage as well as increase portability. The Magic Mirror conversion kit transforms the selfie booth into a mirrored surface. We offer an 8×8 backdrop frame and many stylish backdrops to make photos pop.

You can further promote your services by branding your photo booth equipment with your logo or business name. Guests won’t forget your name when it’s displayed in bold lettering on the side of the booth.

With a branded photo booth, you have the opportunity to provide a service that makes a wonderful impression and brings in more customers.

We Have Flexible Payment Plans

You shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to invest in a photo booth business for sale. We offer a range of flexible payment plans to make paying off your photo booth equipment a stress-free process.

All of our payment plans have 0% APR, and you create the terms from 6 to 15 months. With no credit check required and equal monthly payments, our flexible payment plans have enabled many entrepreneurs to ignite their careers in photo booth rentals without having to pay the entire sum upfront.

Ready to Get Started? Get in Touch!

For all these reasons and more, Selfie Booth is your best source to launch a photo booth business for sale. Our many satisfied customers can attest to our professionalism and dedication. We do what we do here at Selfie Booth because we love to see photo booth businesses succeed.

Contact us today to see what all the hype is about. We make it simple and exciting to kickstart your photo booth business!

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