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10 Things First-Time International Travellers Needs to Know

10 Things First-Time International Travellers Needs to Know

You have set your eyes on that most anticipated destination and are all set to get the flight tickets.

Before booking the tickets, be conscious of the fact that-

“It is important to be extra prepared when travelling internationally.”

Even if you’ve travelled a lot in your home country, there is something equally thrilling about an overseas trip.

Without proper preparation, the trip can be a nightmare.

Thus, to avoid that, here are a few things that you must note.

Things To Have an Amazing International Trip

1)      Get your passport before travelling

It is the first thing to note.

Apply for a passport before you expect to depart to avoid unnecessary stress. Some international flights require booking and checking, thus having one in advance relieves you of further problems down the lane.

Check your passport’s expiry date or renew the passport as many countries require a 6-month validation beyond your stay.

Apart from this, get copies of the passport and keep them in a safe place. Never keep the passport in the easy-access pockets.

Most countries require a VISA. Check before travelling.

2) Do plenty of research about the location

You need to conduct thorough research before you pack your belongings for an overseas trip.

Research the weather, outfits, places to visit, accommodation costs, and legalities of the country before traveling there.


  • Whether you need a particular currency to travel
  • Which language is spoken there?
  • Enquire about the international bank fee and other fees
  • Whether you will require unemployed loans no guarantor?

The ability to keep tabs on certain things can make travelling easier.

3) Understand the COVID protocols of the country

 It is one advantage of doing the research beforehand. It will help you understand the COVID protocols and the safety measures that you will require following in the country.

Apart from that, ask yourself-

  • Can you manage high-traffic roads?
  • Would you like to visit a crowded place or a solemn one?
  • Do you like the country’s mountains or the beach?

Acquainting yourself with certain things will streamline the travel plan for you and ensure a healthy journey ahead.

4) Activate an international roaming Pack

You must be familiar with the fact that international calls are costly and might drain all your travel savings. Thus, the moment you land the place, consider activating a local SIM to contact your loved ones. International roaming packs are ideal for brief trips. While if you are looking for an extended stay, buy a SIM card.

5) Keep the travel card and pocket map Handy

The two things without which your international trip is impossible is–a travel card and a pocket map.

A travel card allows you to use local transport in a particular city or country for a fixed time. The reality is that it is the most affordable way to travel the world. A pocket map is your go-to guide for all the major attractions and halts to visit in the country. Moreover, it also informs one about the shortest distance to reach it by bus, train or any local transport.

6) Do advance bookings

Do you know booking the flight in advance can help you save good euros?

No matter what, the best time to book a flight is when you have enough money and are ready to launch an international trip with your friends and loved ones.

Apart from flight bookings, confirm your accommodations as well. Having a booked place helps you avoid the additional trouble after a good jet leg.

Keep your business card handy in case your mobile battery drains out.

Be prepared to face the unexpected as you are out on your first international trip.

Compare the flights and accommodations prices before booking. While hotels are a good option, you can also consider booking a resort or a villa for your comfortable stay.

7) Access to money

It is one of the manor concerns when you consider travelling overseas. Instead of relying solely on credit cards, keep some cash in hand. You can keep cash in another pocket of the luggage that is out of reach of thieves.

8) Travel insurance

Do not travel abroad without travel insurance. NEVER.

It is important as you are travelling abroad for the very first time and are unaware of the consequences you might face.

A travel insurance covers unexpected medical emergencies like trip cancellation and lost luggage. For instance, you are travelling to Dubai and opting for jet skiing, then it would be beneficial to have travel insurance handy.

While obtaining travel insurance, watch out for certain things:

  • Extent of coverage
  • Upgrades available
  • Pay-out time
  • The exclusions

9) What to pack?

Are you thinking about what clothes to pack while travelling online? Here are some essentials that you definitely wish to have in your travelling bag:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Chargers
  • Universal power adaptor
  • DSLR

Apart from these, you can keep the items important to you as per your stay duration.

The best trick to packing is checking how much is allowed on the flight you are travelling. Pack liquids and other consumable items in a separate place than passports. And you can carry some warm wears for a comfortable flight journey, medicines (if any) and a water bottle on the flight.

10) Don’t overeat on the trip

Have you marked the dishes to try in the foreign land already?

Well, it’s indeed great, but apart from enjoying the trip, be conscious of your health as well. Neglecting and over-eating in certain places can lead to serious health issues. Thus, go healthy and eat healthy.

And not every travel insurance company supports medical bills, so be prepared to pay a fat check if you neglect health issues.

It’s better to stay safe than sorry.

These are some tips that you, as a first-time traveller, can check off before your eventual departure. Just remember that every new destination offers some trial and error. Learn from the experiences and have an amazing trip!

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