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Endometrial Cancer

What is Endometrial Thickness and Endometrial Cancer Symptoms?

Many individuals may have the formation of cancerous cells in the uterus lining. People may refer to this thin lining concerning the uterus as endometrium. An individual’s endometrium becomes thick over some time. Besides that, doctors view that 80% of patients with endometrial cancer may survive with the proper diagnosis. Here, a woman must focus on the prime symptoms of this serious disease. Eventually, the person may consult the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

So, a reader may go through this article to know more about endometrial thickness. Here, an individual can come across crucial symptoms for identifying this disease.

What is endometrial thickness?

A woman can have changes in their endometrium during their menstrual cycle. It may occur due to certain significant changes in their body’s hormones. Initially, an individual makes estrogen hormone with the help of ovaries. 

Following that, a women’s secretion of estrogen hormone can end up in the lining’s growth. Furthermore, one’s estrogen hormone can get thickened to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Here, an individual may carry the possibility of having endometrial cancer symptoms at a certain time.

How can you understand endometrial thickness?

People must remain aware of certain symptoms indicating endometrial thickness. Here, a woman’s menstrual phase is taken into utmost consideration. 

So, one’s symptoms concerning endometrial thickness may include the following:

  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
  • Menstruation lasting longer than usual
  • A menstrual cycle that lasts shorter than 21 days.
  • Not having menstruation

What do you mean by Endometrial Cancer and

Endometrial Cancer Symptoms?

Endometrial cancer is a kind of cancer associated with the woman’s uterus. People need to note that 3 out of 100 women can have this serious disease. Besides that, an individual needs to know the efficacy of an adequate diagnosis for this cause. In doing so, a person may survive for about 5 years with endometrial cancer.

Furthermore, an individual’s early diagnosis can also boost their survival rate. Eventually, a women’s treatment process can also get enhanced by following this. 

What are the prime symptoms of endometrial cancer?

Primarily, a woman’s endometrial cancer symptoms start from abnormal vaginal bleeding. Besides that, an individual’s symptoms may differ from the others depending upon their health conditions.

So, one’s prime symptoms of endometrial cancer may include the following:

  • Spotting during menstruation
  • Sudden vaginal bleeding after attaining menopause
  • The heaviness of menstrual periods
  • Undergoing pain during sex
  • Watery discharge from the vagina
  • Excess weight loss
  • Excruciating pain in the pelvis

Hence, women must arrange an appointment with the doctor after undergoing these symptoms. Eventually, an individual can also reflect on other gynecologic cancers through this. Following that, a resilient oncologist may help in recommending the appropriate treatment.

Main Causes of Endometrial Cancer

Truly, an individual’s cause of endometrial cancer remains undiscovered. Besides that, the woman can have certain hormonal changes in their body. Furthermore, a person can have certain risk factors that trigger endometrial cancer.

So, one’s main causes of endometrial cancer may include the following:

Family History

People blame family history for triggering the conditions of endometrial cancer. But, a mother can’t pass down cancerous cells to her children in this case. Here, an individual’s family has the highest probability of ending up in spite. 

  • Hormonal Problem

A woman can end up with the fluctuation of sex hormones that can cause an effect on the endometrium. A person’s increased estrogen production can lead to the multiplication of cancerous cells. Following that, one’s cancerous cells can take the form of a tumor. 

  • Consuming Excessive Alcohol

Most importantly, postmenopausal women having excess alcoholic beverages may double their chance of having endometrial cancer. Besides that, a lean woman can be affected more than an obese one. Moreover, an individual may end up with certain gynecologic cancer similarly. 

  • Older age

The woman’s risk of endometrial cancer becomes prominent when they get old. An individual can have endometrial cancer symptoms after attaining 50 years or more. However, people can have many other cancers after attaining old age.

  • Turning Obese

An individual needs to know that obesity can be a big factor in causing endometrial cancer. Specifically, a person attaining the postmenopausal phase can have the utmost risk. The woman having excess fat tissue can hamper her a lot. Here, an individual needs to maintain a healthy weight to avoid this cause.

  • Diet

A woman’s intake of unsaturated fats can result in the formation of endometrial cancer. An individual’s regular intake of red meat can harm their endometrium. Moreover, the person needs to restrict their cravings for dairy products. Following that, one can consume a good amount of carbohydrates in its place. But, an individual must stay away from refined carbs to ignore cancer.

How can you prevent endometrial cancer?

Generally, people can prevent endometrial cancer symptoms by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Following that, an individual can choose certain protective factors for this cause. 

So, one can prevent endometrial cancer in the following ways:

  • Exercising Regularly

Women can lower their risk by 20% by remaining physically active regularly. In general, an individual may improve their overall health in this manner. Besides that, a woman can help maintain a healthy weight in this manner. Following that, one may aid in balancing their hormones in this way. 

  • Being Pregnant

A woman may avoid the causes of endometrial cancer by getting pregnant. An individual’s body undergoes several physical changes in that phase. So, the person can have a decreased risk of endometrial cancer in this manner.

  • Dietary Modifications

People can prevent the occurrence of endometrial cancer by having proper dietary modifications. An individual can include an ample amount of fruits and vegetables in their meal. Following that, women must include green tea in their diet to experience health benefits; Besides that, the person must make sure to consume Alcohol at a moderate level only. Moreover, one can include a good amount of legumes in their diet. However, an individual may contact a top dietician for this purpose. 

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Women losing 5% of their weight can automatically reduce their possibility of ending up with endometrial cancer. In general, a person should maintain a healthy weight after turning 50 years of age. Besides that, an individual must go for regular exercise to aid this cause. Moreover, the person can ignore excess fat by consuming healthy foods. 

Thus, an individual can ward off the causes of endometrial cancer by choosing certain preventive measures. Here, the person can avoid sugar-based foods that can trigger cancer. Eventually, women can join a gym to assuring daily workouts. Following that, an individual can ignore drinking alcohol to avoid endometrial cancer.


People must know about the relevance of endometrial thickness in causing cancer. Here, an individual must remain aware of the symptoms concerning the same. Besides that, the women should understand the symptoms related to endometrial cancer. Moving on, an individual must give significance to the cause of this disease. Furthermore, the person needs to understand the preventive measures for this cause. Following that, an individual can escape the occurrence of endometrial cancer. Eventually, the patient may take the help of doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Mumbai in this regard. 

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