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why periods come early
why periods come early

Why do periods come early

An early period for many women is not usually the concern, this can be because the periods are coming on the normal routine and that’s it!

Everyone’s menstrual cycle is different. A menstrual cycle starts on the first day of your current period and ends on the first day of your next period. A typical cycle lasts from 21 days to 35 days, so the number of days spent between the bleeding can vary. Most people bleed for one day or two days and some others bleed for seven or at least 8 days. So, now when you wonder why periods come early, you can go to your nearby Gynecologist in Chandigarh and get yourself checked in terms of medical examinations, physical examinations, and other diagnoses.

  • Puberty

It is one of those growing stages that hits any person from 8 years to 13 years of age. At this stage, certain chemicals of the body produce special effects and those chemicals are the reproductive hormones. It is the responsibility of these hormones to maintain the periods in your body and produce a child-bearing stage. In the first initial periods when you are just at puberty, your periods can be irregular. This means that the number of days you bleed in between your periods can be shorter or longer. If you are hit by puberty, you can have other related causes or consequences including:

  • enlarged breast tissue
  • hair on the armpits and groin
  • pimples
  • moodiness
  • Perimenopause

It is the stage that brings transition into your menopause. It can begin typically in the later 40s and may last till 4 years. During this stage, your hormones may fluctuate and there can be chances that you may not ovulate for the years. This can bring irregular periods too, no matter if you menstruate sooner or later than usual.

If you are at the stage of perimenopause, it can cause you:

  • lighter or heavier periods
  • Drying of vagina
  • missed periods
  • irritability
  • hot flashes
  • difficulty sleeping
  • Intense exercise

Intensive exercise is one thing that can affect how you bleed during your menstrual flow. It can stop your periods altogether and can bring irregularity too. This is similar to the condition of an athlete who is used to training daily and practicing under unconditional environmental temperatures for many hours. Irregular periods are most common in sports, weight constraints like ballet, and gymnastics. Exercise affects your body and your hormonal level and ultimately your periods when you are taking a lot of calories one time and no calories for the next second. Without adequate energy, your body will not produce the number of reproductive hormones and there can be chances that you may not ovulate normally like what you should do.

  • Weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuation can bring irregular periods, early or even missed periods. Period irregularity takes place with rapid loss of weight. This can take place if you are on an extreme diet, have gone through gastric bypass surgery, and have any kind of eating disorder. When you are maintaining your diet by not eating anything for a longer time, your body goes into starvation mode and keeps the energy only for important functions like breathing. This will ultimately stop the production of reproductive hormones and will lead to irregular periods.

  • Stress

If you think that you are maintaining good body posture, good body weight, and all good when it comes to diet and still wonder why periods come early, then there can be a reason that you may have hormonal changes because of stress. You may experience anxiety and may have gone through traumatic events which may bring change in your hormone levels. Moreover, if you are under stress, you can bring certain other changes like:

  • unexplained weight gain or loss
  • difficulty sleeping
  • difficulty concentrating
  • Change in the normal routine

Sometimes the body gets used to the routine that you follow either without or with exercise. It can bring the normal functions of the hormonal levels in your body. Moreover, any kind of change in the routine can bring change in the hormonal levels and can make your periods arrive early or late. For example, people who often switch between day and night shifts at their workplace often experience irregular periods. Switching the time zones can also impact how you bleed during your normal days.

  • Blood-thinning medication

Blood-thinning medicines like anticoagulants often bring prolonged periods and heavy bleeding. Our body produces anticoagulants to cause the thinning of the uterus so that it can flow easily through the vagina. If you are taking anticoagulants orally, this can bring a change in your periods like heavier flow or faster results.

  • Hormonal birth control

Hormones present in the pills of hormonal birth control affect how you ovulate and menstruate during your monthly cycle. If you are taking birth control pills, the pill can change how your cycle arrives whether early or late, and can even take a week to bring periods.

Tips for management

In most cases, early periods arrive and then stop within one or two months. How you menstruate depends on what you think could be the cause of the early periods or late periods. However, you can track your monthly cycle after keeping a check on your periods arriving late or early. You can also follow a few tips:

  • Use a period app: there are various period tracking apps available in the play store of Google. If you notice any change in your flow or change in your date, you can track your periods online and can also consult the doctor for the next appointment.
  • Stay prepared: if you still wonder why periods come early, you can prepare yourself by keeping things like pads, tampons, liners, and others. Keep a bag ready with you while you are at your work or going on an urgent trip.
  • Maintain the pattern of your sleep: get a maximum of 8 hours of sleep daily at night. If you are going through an abnormal schedule of your sleeping cycle, it can bring changes in hormonal levels and ultimately affect how you bleed.


Eat a balanced diet


  • proper nutrition is the key to any change that is brought into the body early or late. If you are not taking proper calories, you can develop the need for medications after you are not having normal hormonal levels in your body. Hormones maintain functions in our body and a minute change can bring big results or consequences.
  • Don’t indulge in heavy exercises: when you train your body with extreme exercises and produce extreme heat and sweating intentionally, you are using the energy of your body to maintain your figure. This energy change can affect the hormones and you may overcome the hormone issue by taking supplements, high-calorie protein shakes, and others.
  • Manage your stress: psychology says that stress brings intense changes in your body. It can affect how your body reacts under normal conditions and how it reacts under stressful conditions. All the changes related to stress are concerned with the change in hormone levels. You can practice yoga for better consequences and bring positivity to your life.

Now, if you still wonder why periods come early, try to maintain your healthy weight by managing to perform certain exercises like running, cycling, swimming, etc. This can bring favorable changes in hormones and can help your body support a healthy weight along with healthy bleeding.


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