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Droopy Eyelids: What Can You Do?

droopy eyelid

As we grow older, we lose elasticity, and our skin starts to erode and wrinkle. Usually, facial sagging occurs around the eyes. The condition is known as Droopy Eyelids. So you’ve got “droopy eyelids.” Maybe you’re having trouble seeing because your eyelids are covering your eyesight. Perhaps you’re continually raising …

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Lifespan of a Throat Cancer Patients

throat cancer patients

Well, people must be aware that throat cancer is a kind of oral cavity affecting the tonsils, tongue, mouth, and lip. Here, a throat cancer patients lifespan depends upon the cancer’s stage. Besides that, an oncologist may carry out diagnostic tests to check out the same. Furthermore, one’s early diagnosis …

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How Chemotherapy to Kill Cancer cells?


Well, people must be aware of the use of chemotherapy in killing cancer cells. In general, an individual needs to note that chemotherapy tends to damage genes present in the nucleus. Following that, one’s application of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells may have certain side effects. Besides that, an individual …

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How many stages of cancer?

stage of cancer

Typically, people may consider cancer’s risk according to its stage only. In general, an oncologist may consider four crucial stages of cancer. Besides that, an individual must know that cancer in its early stage is treatable. Moving on, a person’s stages of cancer must be accompanied by its diagnostic tests. …

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Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survival Rate by Age

colon cancer

People need to know that colon cancer may not go away completely forever. An individual should know that their survival rate concerning stage-4 colon cancer is very low as well. Besides that, an oncologist can determine a person’s survival rate depending on many factors. Following that, one may not be …

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