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radiation therapy for cancer

How you used Radiation Therapy for cancer treatment?

Well, people must be aware of the implications of radiation therapy in treating cancer. In general, a doctor uses radiation therapy for cancer only in certain circumstances. Here, a doctor looks into a patient’s health condition at the very beginning. Besides that, an oncologist must be experienced enough to use this technique. Still, a patient must carry out the proper diagnosis of cancer before going for radiation therapy. Here, one may consult the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad as well. 

So, a person needs to go through this article to know more about the use of radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Even, one can come across various side effects of using this therapy.

How can Radiation therapists treat cancer?

Primarily, an individual must know that radiation therapy is used for slowing down cancer growth. One’s DNA is damaged to attack the cancerous cells. Here, a person’s cancerous cells having damaged DNA stop dividing automatically. However, an individual must know that radiation therapy can’t kill cancer cells directly. 

Furthermore, a doctor needs to have proper planning before administering radiation therapy. Following that, one should have a proper follow-up after undergoing this powerful therapy. 

How much time does radiation therapy take for cancer treatment?

One’s dose of radiation therapy for cancer depends upon his cancer’s stage as well as other factors.  Most commonly, a doctor may take about 10 minutes to provide one dose of radiation therapy. Here, an individual’s radiation therapy may continue daily for some time. Following that, a person continues with radiation therapy for about five to eight weeks. 

An individual is given certain weekend breaks for enabling the recovery of normal cells. However, one may not feel any kind of pain with radiation therapy.

What are the different kinds of radiation therapy?

Typically, one may use different names for brachytherapy according to its placement procedure. Here, an individual may talk to their doctor to know about its significance.

So, one’s different kinds of radiation therapy include the following:

  • Interstitial brachytherapy
  • Intracavitary brachytherapy
  • Intraluminal radiation therapy
  • Radioactively tagged molecules

Which method of Radiation Therapy do doctors use?

A doctor may use two crucial methods while delivering radiation therapy. Moving on, an individual must note that external beam radiation, as well as internal radiation therapy, is used by them. 

Furthermore, an oncologist may diagnose a tumor’s size, stage, and location before choosing the type of radiation. Besides that, a doctor won’t ignore a patient’s general health conditions as well. 

What are the side effects of Radiation Therapy?

Primarily, one must note that radiation therapy can cause damage to healthy cells. Most probably, people can feel quite exhausted after getting a few doses of radiation therapy. Thus, an individual’s use of radiation therapy for cancer must be administered with caution. 

So, one’s side effects of radiation therapy may include the following:

  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurry Vision
  • Vomiting
  • Concentration problems
  • Skin changes
  • Headache

How can you diagnose cancer?

Precisely, an individual may go through several diagnostic tests to confirm cancer’s presence. Here, a doctor may look into the diagnostic tests for planning further treatment. Still, one can have their say in the letting out adequate treatment means.

So, one may diagnose cancer in the following ways:

  • Biopsy 

An individual can go through the removal of a certain tissue sample for its examination. Eventually, an expert may examine the same under the microscope to check for cancer cells. 

  • X-ray

One needs to know that X-ray uses a small amount of radiation for tracing cancer cells. In general, a doctor may have a clear picture of cancer cells through this. Besides that, an individual’s tumors can also become visible in an X-ray.

  • MRI Scan

An oncologist can see pictures of soft tissues concerning different body parts with an MRI Scan. A doctor may use MRI with contrast dye for viewing brain tumors. Furthermore, one can know whether certain tumors are cancerous or not through this test. 

  • Ultrasound

A doctor may note down sound waves that can determine the presence of the cancerous cell. However, a person’s tumor can also have its confirmation here.

What are the other ways to treat cancer?

Undoubtedly, a doctor may give utmost importance to radiation therapy for cancer at a certain point in time. But, an individual needs to note that there are various treatment options available for cancer. Here, a person’s stage of cancer may determine the required treatment means. 

So, one can treat cancer by using the following ways:

  • Chemotherapy

An oncologist may target certain drugs containing chemotherapy for attacking cancer cells.  Moving on, one may consume the pills containing the same. Here, an individual’s bloodstream may carry forward these drugs for killing off cancer cells. 

  • Immunotherapy

One’s immune system can be stimulated for fighting off cancer cells with the help of immunotherapy. Most commonly, an individual’s immune system is made capable enough to ward off foreign bodies. Here, a doctor uses a patient’s immune system for the destruction of abnormal cells. Besides that, one’s body may recognize cancerous cells on its own with this technique.

  • Surgery

People in their early stages of cancer may take the help of surgical intervention to remove abnormal cells. In general, a surgeon may take out certain healthy tissues along with infected ones. Ultimately, an individual may have healthy cells in the body from this. However, one may face certain side effects from this treatment. 


People need to know the working procedure of radiation therapy for tracing cancer cells. Most commonly, one should know about various kinds of radiation therapy. Besides that, a person must remain aware of the significant side effects of this technique. Moreover, an individual should know about different treatment means as well. Following that, one needs to know about several diagnostic tests for treating cancer. Later on, a person may contact the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad too.

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