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How Chemotherapy to Kill Cancer cells?

Well, people must be aware of the use of chemotherapy in killing cancer cells. In general, an individual needs to note that chemotherapy tends to damage genes present in the nucleus. Following that, one’s application of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells may have certain side effects. Besides that, an individual may find various other alternatives to alleviate cancer cells. So, a person may consult the doctors of Cancer Hospital in Kolkata for this purpose. 

Here, an individual may come across the procedure through which chemotherapy attains cancer cells. Besides that, one can know about various implications of these drugs from this article.

Can Chemotherapy kill cancer cells?

The final answer to this question is that ‘yes chemotherapy can effectively kill cancer cells. Moving on, doctors believe it to be the only treatment for curing cancer. Besides that, one may face certain changes in their nerve as well as mouth while undergoing this treatment.

Furthermore, an individual may be given a combination of other therapies along with chemotherapy. However, an oncologist may go for a certain diagnostic test to confirm the working of chemotherapy. 

How does chemotherapy kill cancer cells?

Primarily, an individual’s chemotherapy to kill cancer cells targets cells that tend to divide rapidly. Here, a person’s chemo drugs run throughout the body for destroying cancer cells. Besides that, a doctor has released the efficacy of chemotherapy in recognizing cancer cells. 

Still, a person’s healthy growing cells can be damaged to some extent with its drugs. Simultaneously, one’s side effects of chemotherapy become prominent through this. 

What is the work of chemotherapy for cancer cells?

Most importantly, a person’s type, as well as stage of cancer, is important to determine the working of chemotherapy. Besides that, one’s extent of cancer cells also holds equal importance while treatment.

So, one’s chemotherapy works for cancer cells in the following ways:

  • Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

Many times, chemotherapy fails to control the spread of cancer cells in the body. Following that, a doctor may use this to shrink tumors at that very moment. However, an individual’s tumor has the chance of growing back again. 

  • Curing Cancer

A person must know that chemotherapy can kill cancer cells from the scratch. An oncologist may not have any trace of cancer cells in the body later. Furthermore, one’s cancer cells may never grow back again with the use of chemotherapy. 

  • Controlling cancer cells

In general, an individual may control the spread of cancer cells by using chemotherapy. But, one may not slow the growth of tumors at a certain point in time with its use. 

What is the longevity of chemotherapy?

Precisely, a doctor can’t determine the longevity of chemotherapy without noticing certain factors. Here, an individual’s diagnostic tests can aid a lot in understanding the same.

So, one’s longevity of chemotherapy depends upon the following factors:

  • Type of chemotherapy
  • Type of cancer
  • Way of the body’s response to chemotherapy
  • Goal of treatment

What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

A person can have various side effects by getting administered certain doses of chemotherapy. Here, an individual’s chemotherapy to kill cancer cells can damage the kidney, lungs, and bladder. Following that, a doctor has various treatments for attaining its side effects. 

So, one’s side effects of chemotherapy may include the following:

  • Hair loss

People may be acquainted with the fact that chemotherapy causes extensive hair loss. Here, a person’s rapidly dividing cells cause the hair to fall automatically. Still, an individual must know that every kind of chemotherapy doesn’t have hair loss.

  • Brain Fog

At times, one can have long-term as well as short-term mental changes in the brain. Following that, an individual may face a decrease in mental sharpness then. Here, an individual may face a hard time remembering certain words as well as sentences. Besides that, one can also end up having a problem while doing multi-tasking. 

  • Nail changes

An individual can have significant changes in their nails by undergoing chemotherapy. In general, one may end up with discoloration as well as blemishes in the nails. Following that, a person’s chances of having an infection boost up in this process. 

  • Nausea and Vomiting

People can have the common side effects of nausea as well as vomiting by having chemotherapy. But, an individual may not understand the association of chemotherapy with this. 

Therefore, one can have multiple side effects by using the drugs concerning chemotherapy. Besides that, an individual may suffer from blood-clotting issues as well as anemia from this. 

What are the other ways of killing cancer?

People may understand the significance of using chemotherapy for killing cancer cells. Still, an individual must know about various other ways of killing cancer cells.

So, one can kill cancer cells in the following ways:

  • Radiation Therapy

Here, a patient with cancer is administered high doses of radiation for defending cancer cells. Following that, one’s cancer growth can be slowed down by the use of chemotherapy. . However, a person needs to know that radiation therapy cannot kill cancer cells right away.

  • Surgery

A doctor may use surgical intervention to kill cancer cells at their early stage. An oncologist can apply surgical means for destroying solid tumors. But, a person’s spread of cancer cells can’t be attained with the use of the surgical intervention. 

  • Immunotherapy

One can strengthen their immune system by using the means of immunotherapy. Following that, an individual’s body is made capable enough to fight off cancer cells. Besides that, a person’s body can also recognize cancer cells through this.


People must note that chemotherapy can effectively kill cancer cells at any point in time. Following that, an individual needs to know about the working procedure of the same. Besides that, one’s chemotherapy to kill cancer cells has certain potential side effects. Furthermore, an individual should know about various other treatment options for cancer cells. So, one may talk to the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in Kolkata as well. 

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